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Robin has a bounty of 80 million Beli, making her the third "most-wanted" of the Straw Hats as well as the female with the highest featured bounty in the series. She got her first bounty of 79 million Beli when she was eight, during an incident in which she supposedly destroyed six Buster Call ships through the use of the powers she gained by eating a Devil Fruit known as the Hana Hana no Mi (�?ナ�?ナ�?�実 Hana Hana no Mi), but this was proven wrong in her flashback. The fruit's power enables her to conjure up multiple replicas of her body parts (most often her arms) upon any surface she is able to see. She is very powerful and dexterous as a result.
While she is infamous in the public eye for her supposed destruction of the ships, the World Government truly wants her captured because she is the last surviving person to be able to decipher poneglyphs. They claim that her ability to read poneglyphs would lead to the revival of the ancient weapon Pluton. While some of the more well-informed civilians believe this, and want her dead because of it, it has been implied that the World Government truly wants Robin captured so she won't discover the secrets of the Blank Century, a lost piece of history that contains information the World Government wants to keep hidden. They also want Robin to resurrect Pluton for their own use. Robin has stated that she herself doesn't care at all about Pluton.
The author has also replied to a fan's question to saying that right now Robin's measurements are as follows:
  • Height: 188cm (6'2"), making her the second tallest member of the Straw Hat Pirates, and the tallest female member.
  • Her 3 measurements are (according to Sanji) B99 W59 H89 (39"-23"-35")

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