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Roronoa Zoro is a 5' 10", 19 year old pirate swordsman. (First name Zoro, last Roronoa). Roronoa comes from the real-life French pirate Francois l'Ollonais. This is because there is no differentiation between R and L in Japanese, so the name may also be said R'Orronais. However, the mistranslation of his name in the 4Kids' anime series is clear - Oda stated for the American JUMP manga that it should be spelled "ZoRo" with an "R". His first name is also similiar to the famed American swordsman Zorro, the main reason why many think his name was changed in the States. (Damn you, Antonio Banderas. Gah.)
His birthday is 11/11 (scorpio), a pun from his creator Eiichiro Oda considering the fact that number palindromes are called 'Zorome' in Japanese. He is represented by the color green and he smells of steel. He also appears to be left handed (although he could just be ambidextrous). Oda has also said if he was an animal he'd be turned into a shark. The man is brave, steadfast and a realist when it comes to his life's goals and life around him. He has a huge scar on his chest from his duel with Mihawk. When he lost he would not bear the blade on his back but told the other swordsman to wait until he turned around to slash him. He also has scars on his ankles from when he tried to cut his own feet off to free himself in Little Garden.
Zoro wears a "haramaki" around his abdomen. It is not an "obi sash" like I have seen some Wiki Pages claiming it is. If you would like more information on this item of clothing or how to make one you can go here.
First Mate
Since Zoro was the first to join Luffy he's the Strawhat's First Mate. Technically, a ship's First Mate is supposed to assist in the operation of an oceangoing vessel, with primary responsibility for the deck crew. The First Mate also commands the vessel when the Captain is absent or incapacitated. Zoro always to point out to the Strawhat Crew if something needs to be done (unpleasant as it might be). When Usopp wanted to rejoin the crew after leaving he told Luffy flatly that he couldn't - and shouldn't -- be allowed to come back unless he apologized like a man. He knew that the Captain shouldn't be underminded and if he had been as he said (he'd) "cause a fight and be the next to leave".
Zoro likes to sleep. He even manages to sleep through blizzards and bad weather, often waking up when everything's over and yawning curiously at everyone. An even funnier trait of his is his unnatural ability to get lost even in small spaces.
The manga speaks of him as not having any sense for directions and the anime has shown him running in circles more often than not (while usually claiming to know precisely where he's going). While the Captain likes to eat, Zoro loves drinking and can consume mass quantities of ale and grog without becoming intoxicated. Sanji often calls him "Marimo" because his head resembles, (to the cook anyway) a seaweed ball of the same name. Zoro is gruff and calls Sanji "Dart Brow" and "ero-cook".
Before the Strawhats
Zoro wasn't always a pirate, nor did he ever really aspire to be one. He started out as a Pirate Hunter, collecting bounties as a way of living as he trained but fell afoul of a corrupt Marine group. Hunger did not seem to bother the stoic swordsman, tied up to stakes in the training yard. He was told he would be free if he fasted there for many days out in the open weather. The Marine commander's son was a cheat, however, and he never intended to let him go free. When Zoro realized this he became incensed - he had made a promise and he needed to be free to keep it. Luffy set him free and he joined him not out of gratitude as much as the idea that with someone like Luffy at his side he could realize his goals better. He told Luffy right from the start that if he ever got in his way of realizing his dream he'd kill him. Luffy, of course, just laughed and said it was fitting that the "best" pirate would have the "best" swordsman in his crew.
Zoro's goal is to become the greatest swordsman in the world. He was strong enough as a child to beat even adults but finally came upon a dojo with a girl that was his equal. Kuina used only one sword but the girl bested him at every match. After he'd lost another battle to her (numbering their 2001th) with real swords they made a promise together. One of them should become 'the greatest swordsman'. Unfortunately, this did not happen for Kuina as she fell down a flight of stairs and broke her neck the next day. Noteworthy: in the anime extra scenes are shown of the funeral and Zoro praying at her grave before heading off to train outside of the dojo and realize "their" dream. Zoro remembered his promise and asked his sensei for her white-sheathed sword Wadou Ichimounji, (sometimes referred to as "Ghost"). Before her death he'd used two swords but afterwards he used three - he battled with hers held between his teeth. To accomplish his goal he must defeat Dracule Mihawk who currently holds the title of "greatest swordsman".


Asura: He uses only three swords for this and yet manages to give the impression with his spirit and aura that he wields nine simultaneously. Asura is a reference to a Hindu term. The Asura are a group of creatures looking for more power, sometimes called demons, referred to more and more in later years as "evil" creatures.
Muto-Ryu Attacks : no swords

Tatsumaki (Dragon Coil / Dragon Twister): The same as Santo-Ryu's Tatsumaki, but with only his arms.

36 Bondou Hou (36 Pound Nose Storm): San-Jyu-Roku Pound Hou with Sogeking holding his sword (they were cuffed together and he had to improvise).
Itto-Ryu Attacks : 1 sword

Itto-Ryu Iai: Shishi Sonson (Lion's Song / Lion Strike): Places the sheathed sword behind his back. He quickly unsheathes, cuts, then resheathes the sword.

San-Jyu-Roku Pound Hou (36 Pound Cannon / Single Sword Soaring Pheonix): Long distance attack which uses one sword to create a whirlwind.
Nito-Ryu Attacks : 2 sword

Takanami (Hawk Wave): An air attack. This creates a gust of wind.

Nito-Ryu Iai: (Rashoumon): It can split large obstacles in its path.

Nana-Jyuu Pound Hou (72 Pound Cannon): Long distance attack which uses two swords to create a whirlwind.
Santo-Ryu Attacks : 3 Sword

Oni Giri (Demon Slash): Crosses arms and slashes in an "x" pattern.

Tora Gari (Tiger Hunt): Puts his hand swords over his mouth sword and swings forward with all three.

Santo-Ryu Ougi Sanzen Sekai (Three Thousand Worlds): Two swords get held at an angle against each other while he runs towards his opponent.

Tou Rou Nagashi (Hunting The Wolf / Streaming Wolf Swords): A dodging/parrying technique.

Tatsumaki (Dragon Coil / Dragon Twister): Spins swords to create a dragon-shaped tornado.

Takanami (Hawk Wave): Slashes so hard that the wind created is enough to attack several enemies.

Yaki Oni Giri (Burning Oni Giri): Crosses arms and slashes in an "x" pattern while swords are on fire.

Ushi Bari (Bull Charge): Running charge with two swords held out like a bull's horns.

Gazami Dori (Crab Grab): All three swords are horizontally parallel, suddenly clamping down on the target like a pincer.

Hyaku-Hachi Pound Hou (108 Pound Cannon / Triple Sword Soaring Pheonix): All three swords create a spiral of air to damage the target.

Karazuma Gari (Demon Crow / Raven Hunt): A flying multiple slash technique.

Gyuuki Yuzume (Cattle Demon Brave Hoof): All swords pointed directly at the enemy, he charges and hits.

Ebima Yonezu Oni Giri (Charm Demon / Sleepless Night): Swords are twisted during the slash for added force, causing him to be able to hit multiple targets.

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